WPS Updates 2011

2/4/12 - We are very sorry about the snowless Winter.  This area is on a course to finish with the fewest feet of snow in history.  The abrupt change in direction was caused primarily by the bright, warm sun on Tuesday, January 31, which not only obliterated the trail but also any snow nearby that could have been used  to cover some trouble spots.

Those that pre-registered will be receiving their packets including their tee shirt, bib and other assorted items in about two weeks.  Those entries received after the decision but befor the announcement will receive a retlurn of their entry and entry fee.

All of the $5.00 entry fee donations to Children's Hospital of Michigan Foundation, together with the voluntary donations will be given to the Foundation, the total donation will be anounced when calculations are completed.

Please understand that much of the cost of this and other races is fixed and the items have been delivered, including bibs, tee shirts, medals, plaques, etc.  Therefore the standard no refund policy.

As I write this the 40KM event would be starting.  It is safe that you, the race committee, volunteers, sponsors and the community are greatly disapointed, but we are looking forward to greeting all our old friends and making new friends on February 2, 2013.  Than all of you for the kindness expressed.

2/2/12 - Donations will continue to be made to the Children's Hospital of Michigan.  Further updates will be available once communication and power issues get resolved at race headquarters.  We are thinking of all our racers and are very sorry we had to cancel this year.


The record 52 degree temperatures and afternoon sun obliterated the trail as well as the snow around the  trail;  more information will be provided later today

1/31/12 (1:16 PM)                                 THERE WILL BE A RACE

The event has been shortened;  the 40 Kilometer race will not be held.  All currently entered 40 KM participants have been transferred to the 20 KM.  The 20 KM race will start at the scheduled time of 10:30 AM with the Pre Race meeting at 9:45.  The 10 KM event will start at 11:30 with the Pre Race meeting at 10:45.

The course is marginal so again it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED older skis be used.

The trail will be rolled only on Friday night - there will be NO TRACKS.

Remember the Post Race Gathering at The Summit Center at Shanty Creek beginning at 1:00 PM.  Shorts Brewing Company will be providing, free of charge, beverages and appetizers.  The gathering will be continuing through the awards ceremony.  There will be three photographers on the trail preparing a slide show for the gathering and awards ceremony.

1/30/12 (4:32 PM) - No decision was made today due to the new snow that was arriving.  We received 2+ inches during the day.  Dave Barrons, former chief meterologist of TV 9&10, a member of the race committee, has indicated that the warm up predicted will be of a a short duration , not causing a loss of what snow we now have.  He further indicated that the drizzle, predicted, will be south of the trail.  The problem faced by a "point to point" race is that while some areas have several inches while other areas have very little snow.  Other then canceling other options including shortening the race are being discussed.  Regardless, the trail will be rough, "rock" skis and slower speeds are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  We fully appreciate the strong desire to have an event and if it is felt safe it will happen.

1/29/12 - The hoped for snow did not materialize as predicted.  The trail is good in spots but thin in many other areas.  SAFETY is the paramount concern as we make decisons.  The committee will meet tomorrow morning to discuss options with a go; no go; or shorten decision no later then Tuesday morning.  Snow is predicted for today and Monday but no significant amounts forcast.  Be assured we are doing everthing possible, in conjunction with Shanty Creek Resorts, to provide an event for all to enjoy.  Stay tuned.

1/26/12 - The trail took a beating on Monday with the rain.  We are informed, however, that snow is predicted for the weekend.  How much is a question waiting for answer.  Whatever the amount, barring a major blizzard, the trail will not be pristine by race day.  A decision will be made Monday.  The conditions will require older skis.  We will keep you posted.

1/21/12 - A beautiful day for a ski today.  Sun is out, temperature low 20's, snow shining white on trail.  We are closely watching the weather reports for Sunday and Monday but it looks good now.  We are expecting the slightly warmer temperatures for those days coupled with the following cold days to settle and firm the trail.  We will kep you posted.

Now that snow has arrived it might be advisable to register early to avoid the expected Friday night and Saturday morning crowds.

1/19/12 - Things are looking good!  Had between 6 - 10 inches today with more coming.  Trail is being rolled regularly on both the Shanty Creek and private land areas.  More snow predicted over next few days.  For those that have waited to enter you may want to consider doig it now to avoid the rush.

Before Christmas I was contacted re: one of the home page pictures from lst year.  I did not a get name nor phone number only email address.  The email address did not go through...please contact me at my office number (231-587-8351) and it will be sent immeidately.  I am sorry - Jack

1/18/12 - Another 4 - 5 inches yesterday with some more expected later in the week.  The trail has been rolled at this time tracks are questionable.

There will be NO confirmation cards sent this year due to the limited number of entries to date.  If you have questions please call the race office at 231-587-8812.  

We are planning an expanded after race get together sponsored by Shorts Brewing Company.  There will be food, beer, cash bar, a slide show of the days activities and good cheer reminiscing about your day on the trail.  More on that as race day approaches.

Breakfast will again be available at the Mancelona High Schol prior to each race.  The price is still $4.00 for adults and $5.00 Children

1/12/2012 - The bibs are ordered and the tee shirts are arriving, all we need now is snow. A winter storm warning is in effect and we are expecting some good snowfall!